Step 1 Find event page

Read the guidelines in your own language and scroll down to find the “Next Step” button.

Mikele & John – Concert Online

Step 2 Choose an option

Choose “Single Entry” or “Unlimited Replay within 2 days” and click “Next Step”.
*You cannot change your option once the payment has been done.

Step 3 Sign up as a member

Click on the left button “Sign Up Now” to sign up a new account. If you already got an account, please click on “Sign in.”

Step 4 Sign up New member

Click on the button down below “Or create a KKTIX account” to sign up for a new account. If you already got an account, please click on “Sign in.”

Step 5 Sign up successfully

Enter your “Username, Email and Password” to sign up successfully.
*One account can buy multiple tickets.

Step 6 Select your Quantity

Click the “+” button to select the quantity you wish to buy and click on “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” after you read.

Step 7 Confirm Your Order

Check your quantity and total amount to be correct. Enter your “Username, Email, and Mobile” to confirm your order.

Step 8 Finish your payment

Type in your credit card information and click on “Confirm your Order”

*All purchases shall be paid via “Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay” besides Taiwan. ATM Virtual Transfer Account Number is limited to the bank from Taiwan.

Step 9 Credit card payment&3D verification

Enter your “Credit card number, Expiry Date and CCV(sometimes in the back)”. Then click the button down below to send out your credit card information.
*All credit card payments must be done through 3D verification.

Step 10 Data Authentication & Authorization

If you see this, it means you have correctly typed in your credit card information. Do NOT close your browser. Your bank will send you an SMS to verify your payment.

Step 11 Payment Verification

Click on “Send SMS to get transaction verification code”. Your bank will send your trading password via SMS or Email. There is a variety of this layout depending on your credit card bank. Once the verification is done, your payment has been completed.